We are currently looking for a like-minded practitioner to share our space with. If you are or know someone whose practice parallels the understanding and passion we have for wellness, let's chat!

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Who might you be? 

An acupuncturist, naturopath, nutritionist, counsellor, yoga instructor, physiotherapist or holistic health practitioner with a heart of gold. 

What you’ll need to have: 

  • Certification in your profession.

  • Insurance, active status and be in good standing with your governing body.

  • An ability to manage your own practice.

  • A collaborative, compassionate, and journey oriented approach to therapy.

Why it will be great! 

The Well Within studio is located in Newmarket; we’re super accessible to clients / patients coming from all directions. Our studio space is roomy, welcoming and set up to take good care of people who need “table time” / physical therapy as well as those having verbal consultation. We believe there is a huge benefit in environments that allow patient centred care and encourage collaboration and we would love to share it with you.