One of the key determinants of effective treatment is giving sufficient time to achieving results. Spending the time to assess and understand what is needed before we take any action actually takes care not to waste time pushing and prodding parts of you that don’t produce any relevant outcomes. Myofascial Release also happens to be a ‘slow’ therapy that takes the time to introduce change to the body by waiting for responses from the body in lieu of forcing them to happen. Expediting session lengths often demands change from a body that can sometimes be unsustainable and in the end, ineffective - one of the reasons we do not offer 30 minute sessions here at Well Within.

While we live in a society where things produced and delivered in a rush is sometimes preferred, our bodies remain governed by the ‘old world’ pace of our physiology and not the speed at which think we work. At times, this is the source of our incredible frustration with being human and at other times, the relief. It is my job to reflect the truth, as best and as accurately as possible, the potential you have for healing and to support you and this capacity not as a means of getting you somewhere ‘faster’ but to make the recovery journey less difficult and more connected to the person who will come out the other end of pain.

In the 1000 hours or so spent with all of you over the past year, I have at least once, if not many times, struggled to squeeze everything into the 60 minutes we have together. Due in large part, to the focus of our time : understanding and addressing the intricacies of the ‘whole picture’, there is much more to do in comparison to treatments designed to treat symptoms.

It is apparent, however, that my effort to do as much as possible in every session you arrive to, has on occasions failed to consider the important places you will go after your treatments. My hope is, should you be someone who has experienced your time being drawn longer than your hour long session, you will find the ‘new’ option of 75 minute sessions more accomodating, respectful and safe for you to book appointments after your time at Well Within.

This is the recommended duration for anyone who comes to address the complexity, persistence, or compound (consisting of two or more parts or elements) nature of pain as well as for those who don’t come as regularly. You can find this session named accordingly on the online booking page alongside the standard 60 minute follow up.

Cheri Inoue