Registered Massage Therapists out of British Columbia are graduates of a 3000 hour practicum program. We sit and pass a provincial board exam, and continue our education to keep our registration. We are committed to ongoing learning, up-skilling, and professional development so we can competently see you through the season of life you share with us.

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Most of my training has been done overseas and my continuing education certifications are listed below from oldest to latest.

  •  Anatomy Trains, Level 1. 

  •  Myofascial Release / Pelvic Girdle. 

  •  Myofascial Release / Structure and Function of the Spine.

  •  Anatomy Trains, Body Reading.

  •  Anatomy Trains, Fascial Foundations. 

  •  Somatic Explorations, Human Pro-section / Hip & Lower Extremity.

  •  Diane Lee, Pelvis & Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Lectures.

  •  Biodynamic Myofascial Mobilization / Cervical Spine. 

  •  Mobility WOD / Movement and Mobility Trainer.

  •  Kinesis w/ OD on Movement & Anatomy Trains - Body Play.

  •  Anatomy Trains / Hip & Pelvis. 

  •  Integrative Myofascial Treatment Series w/ Diane Lee & Mark Finch.

  •  Anatomy Trains / Abdomen, Chest & Breath. 

  •  Anatomy Trains / Shoulder & Arm. 

Cheri Inoue